Thinkaholic’s Anonymous

Hi, my name is, Heather, and I am a thinkaholic. (Hhhiii, Heather)

I dont know about you guys, but this is how I feel during and after our F2F sessions! They are incredibly thought provoking, insightful and emotional all at the same time. All the ideas and info we take in lead me to think an overwelhming amout of thoughts…gotta call that person, send that email, contribute to that cause, find that organization on Facebook, use Twitter more, find a new job, volunteer more regularly, read more books, do my homework, SAVE THE WORLD, create a new Pinterest board, talk to that person about that thing, organize my calendar, clean out my voicemails, etc, etc, etc! While I usually end up working through all of these thoughts and tasks, I usually need a day (or 3…) to recover from class in order to get started.

I don’t really have a solution to thinking too much too fast too often, but the fact that someone made a cartoon depicting this idea makes me feel better. Knowing that there may be other people attending my meeting is comforting…see you there?

How do you guys clear out your head when it’s full?


One response to “Thinkaholic’s Anonymous

  1. Me too! i find that making lists helps – crossing off the little things seems to make the big stuff more manageable.

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