Who’s Your Visionary?

Collecting and sharing inspirations from past or present visionaries is an interesting way to compliment the academic knowledge we gain from our classes. It carries great weight to think about how what we read in books and hear from professors actually influenced some of the visionaries who were around much before us. I think at this point in our social entrepreneurship journeys, stockpiling all the pieces of wisdom we can in addition to our academic learning is important. You never know when a nugget of knowledge is going to come to the forefront of your mind and cause just the right sort of action or reaction.

I recently came across this post on Daily Good. There are numerous excellent pieces of advice/wisdom/ inspiration/goodness/vision/examples-of-amazing- things within these interviews. Here are the three ideas that struck me most:

Hemingway: He keeps track of his daily progress – “so as not to kid myself” – on a large chart
If with us today, even the greatest of minds might have gotten caught up on Facebook and Pinterest if they didn’t commit to keeping themselves disciplined. Not sure I am ready to commit to doing this, but maybe in the future…
Abramovic:  The sitting still was the worst part and choosing a wooden chair without armrests her biggest mistake. “This one detail makes it hellish.”
Details, details, details…think about ’em, write ’em down and make ’em happen
 Jobs: What we learned was that the reward can’t be one and a half times better or twice as good. That’s not enough. The reward has to be like three or four or five times better to take the risk to jump out of the mainstream.
No one decides to be a social entrepreneur because it is easy; the rewards though, to you and society, are absolutely going to be at least five times the risk

Who is your visionary? What do they have to tell you and others?


One response to “Who’s Your Visionary?

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